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Groesbeck FertilityCare™ Center

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Lower Michigan's Leading CrMS Fertility Care Center

We are Groesbeck FertilityCare Center, Lower Michigan's leading CrMS Fertility Care Center. We are currently servicing Mid Michigan, West Central Michigan, and Midwestern Michigan. Our highly qualified practitioners are available for in-person consultations in select counties, or nationwide through virtual consultations.

Unfamiliar with the CrMS? In the words of the founder's website, "The CrMS (Creighton Model System) is based upon a couple’s knowledge and understanding of their naturally-occurring phases of fertility and infertility.  Through this understanding, the couple is able to make decisions (choices) regarding the achievement or avoidance of pregnancy.  This system provides information that deals with the complete dimension of the procreative ability.  In addition, it provides women the added benefit of being able to monitor and maintain their procreative and gynecologic health over a lifetime.  It is truly the only family planning system that has networked family planning with gynecologic and procreative healthcare and health maintenance.  The teachers of the CrMS are trained allied health professionals and specifically-trained physicians have been educated to incorporate the CrMS into their medical practice."

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Why NFP using The Creighton Model?


Flexible and Adaptable

Creighton Model FertilityCare helps you learn about the natural rhythms of your body. It empowers you with a greater understanding of the way your fertility was designed to work. It is a true method of family planning in that it can be used to achieve OR avoid pregnancy. It is also used to identify underlying problems that may be occuring with your fertility


Inexpensive and Reliable

The Creighton Model allows you to save thousands compared to Invitro fertilization.  Also it is less expensive than many forms of birth control currently on the market.  On top of this it puts you in control of your fertility and is far less invasive than alternatives.


A Method for Life

Creighton model can be used across the entire spectrum of your reproductive life. It can help any woman including those who are anovulatory, coming off of hormonal birth control, pre-menopause, managing difficult cycles, managing the effects of stress on your fertility, breastfeeding and long cycles.

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Our Services

Personalized Fertility Care and Guidance For All

Introductory Sessions

The introductory session is the first step in learning the CrMS method. It is a one-hour presentation that teaches the basics of the Creighton Model FertilityCare System.  It's the first step in taking control of your reproductive health!

Taking Notes

Follow-Up Sessions

The in-depth learning happens at individualized private follow-up sessions. These sessions are provided by your professional FertilityCare Practitioner, who will tailor the system to your specific needs. 
These one-hour sessions occur five times during the first three months of use and an additional three times over the remainder of a year. This schedule is designed to give you the ability to learn the system as quickly, confidently, and effectively as possible. Accurate observations and charting are foundational to success with Creighton Model. Our clients find that follow-ups are extremely beneficial and important to their learning.

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