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Summer Charting

It’s the day after Memorial Day, which means summer has officially started! And while I am a huge fan of long, lazy summer days with a...

The Spark of Life Chemistry

The spark of life highlights the beauty in God’s creation from the very beginning of life.

Why Me? Infertility

I struggled with infertility for years due to hormonal contraceptive use, but eventually found hope and healing.

Make no decisions in the heat of ovulation

if you are wavering on your resolve to avoid pregnancy during ovulation and the fertile window of your cycle, I would pause and take time to

Far from Easter Joy

The joy of the resurrection isn't always noticeable during suffering.

The Dreaded Question

It’s no secret that there are a lot of particular and personal questions a FertilityCare Practitioner asks a client during a follow-up....

At-home date night inspiration

We have talked about the important of SPICE, all the different forms of intimacy. Intimacy and connection can be as simple as a hug or a...

PCOS ≠ the End of your Fertility

“I have PCOS so I never will be able to have kids.” This statement, and statements similar to it, break my heart. Some women express...

NFP in 280 Characters or Less?

I've heard it said often "we live in a soundbite world." Technology, and how we process information, is changing at a break-neck pace. Do...

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