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Holiday Blog: Gluten Free Options

As we continue the holiday fun, I am going to let you all in on a little can be gluten free and still eat yummy holiday treats...WHAT??? You read right, being gluten free will not stop you from getting to have delicious sweet delights during the holidays.

I became gluten free back in October of 2018 to help with my secondary infertility issues and I was somewhat nervous about making the change. Cooking dinners and stuff I knew would not be too big of an issue as I have always loved to cook and gluten free products have come a long way, let me tell you. But I was nervous about baking or creating yummy treats when it came to Thanksgiving or Christmas. Baking is a science after all and I was not sure I was going to be able to replicate my famous apple pie in gluten free form.

Have no fear friends, after many trials and a few errors, I have discovered the secret to making sweet treats that do no have the consistency of rubber.

The first thing I found out is it is very important when baking gluten free is the flour. I have truly tried almost every gluten free flour out there and hands down my top two favorites are the brands King Arthur and Krusteaz. These flours really are like as if you were using normal flour. Having a flour which is similar to the consistency of regular flour is very helpful when it comes to making gluten free treats.

Next is making sure the recipe does not have a million ingredients. If you are trying to make a gluten free cherry pie and it has things in it you feel like you can only get on the moon...move on. Look for simple recipes and do not over complicate things. Even some regular recipes can work if you just substitute the gluten products for gluten free. Having to make things a different way or eat things different from everyone else does not need to be a daunting task. Like I said a lot of these products have come a long way and no longer taste like cardboard.

Now to the fun part! I have collected many delicious recipes over the years (message me if you want more!) but really this is one of my top favorites, Gluten Free Never Fail Pumpkin Bread. This recipe can be two big loaves or a few little ones. It is so yummy, moist, and is a perfect holiday treat. If you want you can even add mini chocolate chips to add a bit more sweetness. Enjoy friends and let us know what you think!

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