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Life as a FertilityCare Practitioner Intern

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Some may wonder what it’s like to be a FertilityCare Practitioner Intern (FCPI). As an FCPI, I have had the opportunity to learn so much about anatomy and physiology, teaching the Creighton Model, and the beauty of fertility. I get to accompany women and couples on their journey of learning more about their bodies, their cycles, and their fertility. This a beautiful process that I have the privilege of participating in. Learning the Creighton Model System gave me for the opportunity to monitor my own health and to work towards finding answers to health issues that I’ve struggled with for years. I began the process to become a FertilityCare Practitioner to share the Creighton Model System and my passion for charting with others.

What kind of training does a FertilityCare Practitioner Intern go through to be able to teach clients? The training is much more than a workshop or two. To become an intern, individuals must go to an eight-day training called Education Phase I. At that training I learned about anatomy and physiology, the research behind the Creighton Model System, and how to teach the method. I now have the opportunity to teach clients under the supervision of a FertilityCare Educator who co-directs the FertilityCare Center of Omaha, NE and helps train practitioners. She discusses client charts with me, gives me feedback on my teaching, and helps develop my confidence and skills as a practitioner. In just a couple of months, I will attend Education Phase II which is six days long and will prepare me to manage more difficult charts and cases. After that I will teach more clients under supervision, for a total of eighteen clients. Finally, I will take an exam to become a FertilityCare Practitioner. It’s a long process to become a practitioner, but for me it is worth it. I believe that women and couples deserve to know about their bodies and how they work. I also believe that couples should be able to plan their families in a way that aligns with their morals and respects their bodies and the gift of their fertility. The Creighton Model System provides that opportunity for women and couples. I can’t wait to share the knowledge and skills that I have gained with even more women and couples.

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