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The Beauty of the Feminine

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

I realize that this title might be troublesome for some. However, there is a beauty to the dignity of being a woman. A woman’s cycle and fertility also reflects that deeper meaning of being a woman. In a previous blog Jenny discussed the integral understanding of having body and soul union.

In St. John Paul II’s writings, he discusses how women participate in the divine life of God.

It is also important to understand what we mean by this. By charting, a woman will be able to see which days she is fertile, infertile, or has bleeding on any given day. She will understand what it means to be capable of holding divine life and be able to look at her own chart and see which days she would be able to conceive. She will know by looking at her own chart which days she is fertile and be able to conceive, and which days she is infertile and would not be able to become pregnant. Even if a couple chooses to temporarily or permanently avoid a pregnancy, a woman’s cycle still reveals that her body is capable of holding life.

With Creighton Model and Napro Technology, there are solutions to miscarriage and infertility. Fertility focused intercourse and cooperative hormone replacement therapy for bio identical progesterone are just a couple of solutions that women have to help with infertility.

Sometimes couples discern that now is not a good time to conceive and have another child; there are even serious cases where the woman’s life is at risk of conception were occur. Creighton Model FertilityCare can still be an incredibly helpful tool. Many abnormalities in their fertility such as a short post peak phase, limited mucus, cervical ectropion or inflammation, can all be seen through a woman charting. They can be helped with things such as a panel blood draw, Vitamin B protocol, and a silver nitrate treatment. Women can get progesterone draws, use yellow stamps, and follow the vitamin protocols to address abnormalities. Creighton helps women with things that seem to hinder her from understanding her chart. Women’s bodies reveal a deeper truth of their ability to participate in the divine life of God, in any stage of her reproductive life.

And for those whose fertility and stage in life seems burdensome because of inability to conceive or currently hold life, St. John Paul II talks about women’s unique capacity in their role in suffering. He says that women were at the forefront of the cross during Jesus’ time. So, we can bring out struggles to Him, knowing He understands, and begin charting to see how any of these sufferings can be relieved.

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