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What if my chart is "abnormal"?

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Sometimes when women begin charting their cycles, they notice that the biomarker pattern they are seeing on their chart doesn't look like they expect or what a typical cycle looks like in their user manual. Don't stress! Your practitioner has many tools in her back pocket to help with managing cycles that are out of the ordinary. We have additional tools for your charting and observations that can be used to manage challenging or abnormal cycles. I really hesitate to even call them "abnormal" because this is something we see very frequently and have lots of experience with. One of the management tools we have at our disposal are the 3 "supplemental protocols".

Your practitioner will teach you that there are many things that can impact the biomarkers you see on your chart, primarily the mucus pattern. We have objective and quantifiable ways of analyzing your mucus cycle to determine if it is healthy and normal. Part of the reason that your mucus pattern is so important is that it is an indicator of what is occurring chemically and hormonally inside your body over the course of your cycle. Another reason your mucus cycle is so important is that high quality cervical mucus is one of the 3 necessary "ingredients" for conception (healthy sperm, healthy eggs, and high quality cervical mucus). Things that can impact your mucus pattern include (but are not limited to): your hydration, the food you eat, your stress level, your exercise routine, the vitamins and medications you take.

With the understanding that there are vitamins and supplements that impact mucus patterns, NaPro Technology research has used this information to benefit women having abnormal mucus patterns. The 3 supplement protocols that have been developed over years of research are: the vitamin C protocol, the vitamin B6 protocol and the probiotic protocol.

The vitamin C protocol is used to help manage the charts of women having a continuous mucus discharge. A continuous mucus discharge can be caused by physical and hormonal factors and causes a problem for women because it can make it challenging to accurately identify phases of fertility and infertility. The vitamin B6 protocol is used to help women going through infertility to increase the mucus discharge necessary for conception. The probiotic protocol is used to help manage a pasty discharge that is often associated with an unhealthy yeast or bacterial balance. These protocols are very specific in their amounts and how and when they are to be applied and used. They are only to be used by a woman actively seeing her trained Creighton Model Practitioner who knows the benefits, risks and applications of each protocol.

If you have been worried that Creighton Model couldn't "work" for you because you have too much mucus, not enough mucus or the wrong kind of mucus - after all, Creighton Model charting relies heavily on mucus observations. Just know that your practitioner is here to guide and support you in achieving your best and healthiest self and that includes a healthy mucus cycle. We have many tools and resources at our disposal and are ready to help!

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