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You want me to chart WHAT?!?

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

I’ve clients get REALLY excited over the thought of learning about their cycles, or preparing for marriage, or just learning about their body. What they weren’t as ready or prepared for were mucus observations.

Yes, I used that word in a blog. The Creighton Model FertilityCare system is a mucus based method, which means that women will check routinely for a mucus discharge. For the couples that come, that means that the men will also learn about mucus observations and discharge.

The mucus observations that Creighton is based on is a discharge that is often a clear or cloudy discharge that you will see on the toilet paper or that you will see in your underwear. In Creighton, we have a way to qualify and quantify the mucus, so you will learn which days you are fertile, infertile, and any potential biomarkers for health conditions. You can learn a lot about your overall health as well such as abnormal bleeding and the causes of it, PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid issues, cervical inflammation, infections, etc. After the initial shock of what our clients have to chart for, they are really grateful that they have decided to do it.

Photo from the Creighton Model FertilityCare System website:

Beyond the common patterns that identify health, or potential health issues, there are also patterns that give you knowledge about which days you would likely be able to conceive a child, the days you would be infertile, and the quality of the mucus that you have as a indicator of fertility. So the Creighton Model System provides insight not only into your mucus patters, but the quality (including viscosity, stretchability, color, number of days observed, change, etc) of your mucus as well. This information better informs you of your health, your overall fertility, and the intentions your have in using this method (which includes charting for health reasons!).

You may be thinking “that’s great Anna, I’m ready to begin charting!” Awesome. Head over to our page to contact us to schedule a consultation or introductory session. You may have reservations such as “that’s great, but I’m nowhere near being able or ready to get pregnant. I’m not even dating.” The good news is that learning more about how you are created is a good thing. And, when that time comes to conceive or be pregnant, you’ll already have the knowledge in front of you and be able to understand your body, PMS symptoms, and days of fertility and infertility. On top of that, understanding the capacity that your body has for conceiving and holding life will give you deeper insight to you as a woman and to the unique role of women. Or you might be thinking “we’ve been facing so many difficulties with fertility; I don’t understand how this will help.” By identifying any mucus pattern, or lack thereof, your Practitioner will be able to clarify anything on your chart which Napro doctors can use in running tests and making any kind of diagnosis. Your chart will be a great tool for you.

So whatever it is that you're facing, even if it's the factor of having to learn about cervical mucus, we are always here to help and support you through!

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