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An Unconventional Date Night in Uncertain Times

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

We are living in very crazy times *commence head spinning*. Everything seems to be bursting in flames or increasing in price (okay maybe I am being a bit dramatic). Either way life is not the same as it was even 3 years ago. But one thing is still true, date nights are very important to your relationship. You need that time to connect and unwind with your loved one. Unfortunately hitting up your favorite restaurant and a movie may not fit the budget, seriously when did going to the movies get so expensive???

Do not let that keep you from spending time together, you just have to get a little creative. As we have talked about before here on the blog, SPICE is a big part of your relationship. Being able to connect with one another outside of physical intimacy is a critical part of a healthy relationship. So I have come up with a list of alternate, maybe some unconventional, at home date night ideas.

Blind Taste Test

Have you ever seen those blind taste tests online? Maybe they are guessing flavors of jelly beans or trying to decide if they are drinking Diet Coke or regular Coke. Either way this can be a really fun activity to do with your spouse. Pick a product to test, get a blindfold, and guess away. Here are some product ideas to take your chances with:

-Jelly Beans


-Different brands of ice cream but all the same flavor

-Random foods (palate test)

-All the different flavors of Coke or Pepsi

These are just some to get you started. Really the possibilities are endless.

Bake Off

Maybe you are just as obsessed with the show as I am, maybe you're not, but baking together can be a lot of fun. Now I am not saying both of you try to make the Statue of Liberty out of bread, although if you do that please send pictures. Pick something simple, bake them, and have family or friends be the judge of who baked it better. Or post pictures of them on social media and have people vote. Healthy competition is good for the soul, unless maybe you hate to lose...

Craft Night

I am sure you have seen those sip and paint places. Why not bring that into your own home? Maybe you paint the same picture or each do a different one. Either way this is great way to connect in a creative way and enjoy a nice glass of wine together. Maybe you are the next Picasso or Jackson Pollock and you didn't even know it.

Pull out the Board Games

Now this may seem silly, but really when was the last time you played a card game or a board game together? I don't know maybe this is what you and your spouse do in your free time, but if not nows a great time to get started. There are so many new games out there to try. Hit up your local Walmart or just get on Amazon. Learn something fun and new together.

Dinner Theme Nights

This idea is definitely for the couples who are big on the creative. Pick a theme, dress up together, and eat all foods and drinks that go along. Maybe it's Italian Night or Christmas in July. You could do a lot with this idea. Get your creative juices flowing and hey maybe make it a double date and invite another couple along.

Does This Spark Joy?

Cleaning out the garage or the storage part of the basement may not be the most romantic idea, but hey you can totally make it fun. Turn on some music, order some pizza, and clean! This is a great way to dream and discuss okay how do we really want this part of the house to look. Doing it together will not only make it go faster but might also make it more enjoyable.

Whatever you decide to do for your date nights, just remember they are important. Finding ways to know your spouse as a whole person can be hard, but not impossible. Understanding how to love and care for them can also be a challenge. Marriage and relationships are a lot of work, but figuring out how to make your relationship the best it can be, is one of the best parts of the journey.

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