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SPICE, part 3 (Intellectual)

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Here we are at Part 3 intellectual, if you have missed the previous blogs on SPICE I do encourage you to take a look at them. Being intellectual as a couple can sound BORING and nerdy, but that is far from the truth. Being Intellectual means learning new things with each other which is vial part of growing closer to each other.

In many marriages it can be so hard to find time to learn something new together because of the demands of our lives. I have found it very easy to say "well, let's just watch a show or go to bed" after a long day of home schooling, cleaning, meetings, and after a long day at the hospital. At one point in my life I realized I needed more and more time doing something with my husband. Now I'm sure you're wondering how in the world I found time for that. Well, I scheduled time and made it a priority. One reason it is a priority is because I don't want to one day wake up and think "who is this man in my bed( AKA Husband)?" or have no clue what we are going to do when the kids or pets are out of the house.

There are many ways to connect intellectually, especially on a date night, everyday routine, or before bed. Here are some examples:

-training for a 5K together

-learning new workouts together

-learning to raise chickens/ raising chickens/ building a chicken coop together


-reading a book out load together before bed (don't do a scary one, trust me)

-learning a new sport

-cooking a new meal together

-budgeting together

-learning about sports

-learning Creighton together (ps most successful couples in my opinion)

-doing a breakout room

-brewing beer/ wine

...the list goes on depending on your couple personality but the important part is that you continually grow together and learn to love each other in the process of learning new things. This has been a big factor in my marriage that has helped us really appreciate each others gifts and talents. So make sure you and your spouse or future spouse are learning new things together often and making time for it. I once heard if its not on the calendar it won't happen. So go out there and mark those calendars!!!!

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