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What about someone like me?

Updated: Feb 28

You may be wondering what do if you have been experiencing difficulties with your cycles, menstrual flow, infertility, or serious health conditions meriting very serious reasons to avoid a pregnancy.

The answer: talk with your Creighton FertilityCare practitioner and if you don’t have one: reach out to one of us! I remember having a friend tell me that it was difficult finding a doctor for “someone like her,” a phrase I’ve heard repeated from women frustrated with conditions affecting their cycle. However, there is support and their are answers. It may be difficult, and a process to go through, but difficult is not impossible.

The first piece, which has been discussed on this blog, is charting. It may take time, but by charting you may be able to identify patterns and health conditions that are affecting your cycle, cause for infertility, and other medical conditions. And, there are trained Napro doctors to run lab work over a series of days, ultrasounds that can be run over the course of days to track the follicle to identify ovulation, as well as family planning progesterone blood draws to ensure ovulation has passed when a couple has serious reason to avoid, to name a few.

And, you don’t have to face it alone. Your practitioner and entire FertilityCare Center are there to help support, love, and walk you through these difficult times. Even if you have abnormal bleeding, continuous mucus, struggles with infertility, serious reasons to avoid-your practitioner is there throughout all of it to offer encouragement, give you referrals for Napro doctors who specialize in women’s health, remind you of when to make observations and help you understand things that may seem unclear.

To top it off the St. Pope Paul VI Institute, where the Creighton Model was founded, continues to conduct research and help find solutions for women’s health. We can also refer you directly to the Pope Paul VI institute after a few cycles of charting if needed.

So when you’re tempted to think that no one can handle “someone like you” do not lose hope. God can shed light and bring darkness to the light. We’d be happy to help you discover that, too.

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