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Women’s Health Truth Bomb

If you have been living in the state of Michigan for the last few months, the phrase

“women’s health” has become a trigger word for many with voting on Proposal 3 right around the corner. I find myself cringing just typing it. These past few months have been LOUD with many people claiming to know what is best for women. Some truly do, but some are truly lying.

As a FertilityCare Center in Michigan concerned with the health of women, it seems not only prudent but absolutely necessary to explore how Creighton approaches and understands the truth of women’s health.

Every woman has the right to know what is going on with her cycle. Let’s just come

right out and say that the Creighton Model FertilityCare System believes that EVERY WOMAN has the right to know what is going on with her cycle. No matter what. Period. Many times, clients come to their Practitioners with stories of having irregular cycles and being placed on birth control- sometimes when clients were as young as twelve- without their physician considering possible causes for menstrual cycle irregularity. Sadly, these clients have been continuing to take birth control, damaging their health and fertility for years, sometimes decades, without even knowing it. Birth control merely covers up the underlying issue of menstrual cycle irregularity much like a band-aid covers up a scrape: things look nice and neat from the outside, but just below the surface, the underlying problem is still there. (For more information on the negative effects of birth control, check out this blog post or this one.)

And yes, just like ripping off a band-aid, stopping birth control can hurt: stopping birth control means having to deal with cycle irregularity again, possibly avoiding genital contact for a time if trying to avoid a pregnancy, and other unique challenges. But take heart! Just like the Creighton Model FertilityCare System believes that every woman has the right to know what is going on with her cycle, the Creighton Model FertilityCare System also believes that every woman can know and understand her cycle. As FertilityCare Practitioners, we believe that every chart can be managed no matter what underlying irregularities there may be. Your FertilityCare Practitioner is here to help you navigate these challenges, connecting you to authentic medical care through NaPro Technology Medical Consultants when necessary so cycle irregularity need no longer be a mystery.

Knowledge is power and a woman who knows and understands her cycle is living her best life as a woman fully alive. Why settle for anything less?

Life is always a precious gift. God designed intercourse to occur between a married

man and woman. But in this fallen world of ours, sin makes things disordered, life gets messy, and intercourse outside of marriage is the cultural norm. What once was a beautiful

means to unite spouses, enjoy the pleasurable gift of your spouse, and create new life has now largely become an act focused on pleasure only, diminishing the full truth of intercourse.

Viewing intercourse through this distorted lens, the new life created through an act of

intercourse no longer seems to be a gift but is diminished to an “unintended consequence” of a disordered act. What to do with this new life? Well, a disordered problem calls for a

disordered solution. Enter the evil that is abortion. Abortion seeks to destroy this new gift of life, moving us further down the path of disordered existence and further away from the

freedom of living the authentic truth written within our very own bodies and souls.

The Creighton Model FertilityCare System believes that life is always, always a precious

gift and that abortion is never the solution, no matter the circumstances. Your FertilityCare

Practitioner is always here to support you, with a pregnancy evaluation as soon as a client

knows she is pregnant, multiple check-ins during pregnancy, and again during the post-partum period.

If you are a victim of abortion, know that we are here to support you too. No woman is ever turned away from learning the Creighton Model FertilityCare System because of her past. We are not here to judge you or discourage you. We are here to help share the truth that was shared with us on our own journeys, to bring to light the beauty of life as it was made to be. Authentic women’s health is a beauty and truth meant to be shared with every woman because it is integral to the being that is Woman as designed by our Creator. Begin your journey of health and healing toward authentic womanhood by contacting one of our FertilityCare Practitioners today.

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