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Updated: Dec 22, 2023

It’s FertilityCare Appreciation week which means its a great week for Groesbeck FerilityCare Center to get the word out about the highest quality healthcare available for women! Jenny has already done a great job of covering the “what” and “why” of FertilityCare. But as I was reflecting on what FertilityCare Appreciation week means to me, one word kept coming to mind: wholeness.

Something I see my clients and others struggling with is the way that our current culture fractures our personhood - most especially as women. We are expected to compartmentalize every aspect of who we are as women. The world lays out what it should look like to be a woman. How to dress. How to interact with others. Career choices. Your gender, your very femininity. Your sexuality. Your sexual desires. Hopes, dreams, spirituality. Even a pregnancy. Each area is broken into its own compartment and can be altered to fit a standard or expectation. Your fertility is no exception. The world says you should be able to turn it “on” or “off”. Access it when wanted. Shut it down when not wanted.

But there is a better way. We are created and designed to be authentically human. We have an innate desire for wholeness. For unity and community with others. For integration of every part of who we are. You were made good. (And no, that’s not a horrible grammatical error.) You are good. Your fertility is good. Your desires, at their core, are good. And at your best, every part of you can be fully integrated into the best version of yourself.

Your FertilityCare Practitioner can help you on your journey to wholeness. Learning Creighton Model can help you come to a deeper understanding of the way your body and your fertility was designed to work. You can make choices with your husband in cooperating with God’s design for your marriage and your family. Even in situations of sterility, infertility and sexual or marital trauma, there is hope. You can start from where you are and take the next right step toward wholeness, toward being authentically you, the unique person you were created to be from all eternity.

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