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Do Not Trust Everything You See On The Internet, When Trying to Get Pregnant

Many women and couples come to the Creighton Model Fertility Care System to achieve a pregnancy, to find answers to why they haven't gotten pregnant. One of the best parts of our job, as a is to get the phone call or text from our clients saying they got a positive pregnancy test. It really is the best.

One of the first things we do when a couple comes to us trying to get pregnant is ask, "For as long as you have been trying, what have you done to help yourselves be successful?" As a practitioner I certainly have ideas of what they might have done or not done. But sometimes you cannot be prepared for the answers you get. Let's take a look at some of the most "interesting" things people do to try and successfully conceive.

  1. When Trying to Getting Pregnant, The Women's Fertility is the Only Factor

  2. The More Sex You Have, The Better Chance You Have of Getting Pregnant

  3. Elevating Your Hips After Intercourse Increases Your Chances of Pregnancy

  4. Having an Orgasm Increases Your Fertility

  5. Eating Pineapple Boosts Your Fertility

There are numerous ideas circulating about what can enhance your chances of getting pregnant, and I've come across many of them. Having experienced the desire to explore every avenue to conceive (been there, done that), I understand how it can be stressful, leading to feelings of desperation. Your primary focus should be on attuning to your body; if you sense something amiss, it could impact your fertility, and it's crucial to address it. Additionally, collaborating with a trustworthy professional greatly improves your chances of success. Throughout my career as a practitioner, aiding couples in their journey to conception has become a profound interest, and I consider it a blessing to share in that experience with them. Equally important is making decisions as a couple. Communication is pivotal in any relationship, particularly during the stressful period of attempting to conceive. Strive to maintain clear communication to prevent any misunderstandings. I hope this brings solace to those tirelessly working towards pregnancy. While the journey may be lengthy, it doesn't have to be overly complex. Always heed your body's signals and maintain hope. In the end, you'll gain profound insights into your body's capabilities, discovering a strength within yourself that surpasses your expectations.

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