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Updated: Feb 28


Why should any woman care about the Creighton Model FertilityCare System? One of the main reasons: hope. And that is a reality.

Some of the clients who come to Creighton are so excited to learn about their fertility, to understand themselves deeper as a woman, and to know what their body is physically capable of. Others come to Creighton in times of distress, with suffering that feels unbearable.

No matter what your situation is, it is so helpful and hopeful to know that there are answers to what you are going through. Creighton helps you to understand the natural patterns of a woman’s cycle, and the deep beauty found within it. Our femininity is reflected in our cycles and our fertility. Even women with a lot of difficult charts, management, and health issues have reason to hope. But why, what is the reason to cling onto hope?

Hope, my friends, is founded in a belief in something that is not yet realized. It is the faith and trust in some good, a good that God intends for us, and necessitates that it is not available to us currently. But why does that happen or even remotely make sense? Hope isn’t necessarily the attainment: we wouldn’t have reason to hope if what we wanted was something we have attained. We have reason to hope because we know goodness, and because of the faith in what is to come. Yes, there may be difficult steps, and we are here to navigate them with you.

In the words of a client directly:

“Creighton provides a unique sense of hope to couples who choose the method by giving them a scientifically-backed language to discuss their fertility. I can personally attest that, in the face of fertility struggles, Creighton both empowers and reassures those using it as a team.”

The ability to identify biomarkers for women’s cycles just by charting, lies the hope that your chart will be able to indicate different biomarkers, or reveal a healthy cycle! Even if Napro doctors take time to find a diagnoses, due to the thoroughness of their work, and troubleshooting through difficult times, there is hope founded in the capacity of Creighton and Napro, and the faith and trust in God’s ability to provide. The Lord is tender, and cares for you, including your fertility. Your Creighton Practitioners are here to help troubleshoot and you navigate both joy and sorrow, in healthy cycles and difficult ones, and to guide you in the way of hope.

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