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Diet and Fertility

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

It seems like food is a theme for Groesbeck practitioners isn’t it? What we have is a glimpse into the life and reality that a lot of our clients face.

What does diet have to do with our fertility, anyway? And what did we post all of those recipes for?

What we eat impacts our entire body, not excluding our fertility. Food can give our body proper nutrition, which allows us to interact with others, be present to our families, as well as many other daily activities.

We posted so many recipes because a lot of our clients see improvements to their cycles after adjusting what they eat, and, unfortunately, we also see clients who end up facing difficulties with their cycles and fertility. Napro technology provides a lot of framework and healing for healthy menses and mucus cycle, to address abnormal bleeding, as well as infertility. Sometimes, however, our diets are not conducive with what our bodies need and is essential to the work that the doctor are trying to accomplish. Eating for what your body needs can help your thyroid and your hormone balance, to name a few.

I’ve seen clients with autoimmune diseases, abnormal bleeding, and infertility be able to conceive, have healthier and more consistent cycles (which has helped clients trying to avoid a pregnancy as well) and have abnormal bleeding cleared up. Now, some of the time this does need to happen in conjunction with medication and supplements to support a woman’s cycle.

When adjusting diet you may face difficulties and hardships along the way. However, if you think of the work being put in as a means of helping what you’re trying to accomplish, find snacks and food that you enjoy, and think of the new recipes you now know and can make for others, it makes the process more bearable and even enjoyable!

Your Creighton practitioner is here to walk with you through the process, with encouragement and feedback! Feel free to let us know how we can best help.

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