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FertilityCare. It's Worth It.

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

We're all feeling the pinch of rising costs. Gas. Food. Toilet Paper. Diapers. I was down South last week and saw gas for $4.83 and thought "that's a good price." Then I realized I have lost my mind. Literally, everything I buy is more expensive. I'm sure it is for you too. So if you're like me, you're weighing the wants against the needs and really trimming down on your extra spending. It's tempting to look at that list of things you could spend your money on and immediately cross off Fertility Care. It may even be tempting to go on the pill if you're avoiding pregnancy if your insurance covers it. But the reality is that caring for your fertility isn't an extra. It's an essential.

If you're avoiding pregnancy, then there's a good reason to invest in understanding and managing your fertility. It isn't simply because children are more expensive than fertility care. It's also because feeling confident in the natural method you use eases anxiety and stress related to unintended pregnancy. And if you're trying to achieve, then getting your pregnancy off to the very best start possible is a must. It's not just about taking vitamins, eating well, and exercising. It is about knowing your fertility signs and biomarkers to assess if you're cycle is healthy. This can be important in preventing miscarriage and pregnancy complications. In both of these situations, fertility care is essential.

For many women though, good fertility is the primary sign of good health. Women with abnormal charts, infertility, and other GYN problems like PCOS find healing in managing their fertility and working with our practitioners. Your health is important. And your fertility is a sign of your health. So take care of it. With that said, if you truly cannot afford to keep FertilityCare on the keep list in these stressful times, we offer a sliding scale. If you have been blessed to not be affected too much by the economy, reach out to us to see how you can gift a woman with FertilityCare.

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