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New Year, New You?

Here we meet again friends, three days into the New Year of 2023. So how are your New Year’s resolutions holding up? If you are a procrastinator like me, you haven’t even made yours yet. I like to think of the new year “beginning” with my kids returning to school after their Christmas break finishes up, which gives me like a week to pull it together and figure out what I need to change to be a better me by the end of the year 2023. Sure, I have the usual ideas running around my head. The list looks something like this:

1. Wake up early everyday to make time for prayer and spiritual reading. Maybe this’ll be the year to complete the Bible in a Year podcast…third times the charm!

2. Exercise. Like actually get up and do it.

3. Eat better. Start by saying “no” to chips of any kind.

4. Drink less. Wine is tasty but as with any alcohol, less is always more.

5. Learn the art of saying “no”. Overcommitting just makes life hectic.

This list is by no means conclusive. There are certainly many things that need a least a little tweaking over the course of the year. The overall theme I find to my resolutions is always an increase in health- spiritually, physically, mentally. Waking up early to have a quiet cup of coffee and some morning prayer time sets a tone of peace and purpose to my day, no matter how crazy the day ends up being. Add in a little morning exercise? Goodbye stress and anxiety and hello better focus and intention! And since I already exercised, I feel more inclined to eat healthy so I don’t blow the hard work and sweat of some morning exercise. (Maybe early morning is not your jam and you prefer your time to yourself at the end of the day. That works too!)

I know how the routine should look and the innumerous benefits of living a life with a solid routine because I have done it before. So why is it not already in place? What caused me to get out of routine? The easy answer is the busyness of life. Isn’t that the excuse for so many things? “I’m too busy finishing school.” “I’m too busy because we’re moving.” “I’m too busy because my kids don’t understand that the Legos toys they received for Christmas are for them to assemble, not me”.

Girl, I get it. I have been in all those situations…some more recently than others. Life does get busy and hectic (see New Year’s resolution #5 above) but we still need to show up for ourselves every day. You do so much, you owe yourself a health boost this year. Spiritually. Mentally. Physically. What could that look like for you? Maybe that’s spending some time each day in the stillness of prayer. Maybe it’s committing to doing some yoga or running everyday. Maybe it’s finally getting off of birth control so you can start to see the goodness of your fertility as it is intended by the Creator.

And sure, it’s easy to write about this stuff but sometimes so much harder to put into action. Again, I get it. (Why do you think some of my resolutions carry over ever year???) Change is hard but positive change is always rewarding. And while you will not see me as a teacher for your next Peloton class (it would be a trainwreck) or as a Spiritual Director (again, trainwreck), I can walk with you and teach you to free your fertility from the harmful effects of birth control while you are trying to achieve a pregnancy, avoid pregnancy, or just monitor your fertility. Start your 2023 off right and schedule your Introductory Session with one of our Groesbeck FertilityCare Practitioners today!

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