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SPICE, Part 4 (Creative)

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

This series always makes me think of "Ice, Ice, Baby" because it is so close to "SPICE, SPICE, Baby." Perhaps that's why I'm writing about creativity.

As Jessica and our other practitioners have written about, SPICE encompasses the entire person. The entire person is involved in decision making, the capacity to make decisions, and the decisions that you are trying to make. SPICE is a reminder, too, that our whole person is necessary, not merely our capacity for genital contact (check out Karoline's blog for more on that). Your person, comprised of the spiritual, physical, intellect, creative/communicative, and emotions, informs your decision making, your interactions with others and with those around you and what you do on a daily basis. Even if you had intercourse almost every single day (which, sorry to break the news-does not happen. There are sicknesses, travel, one spouse is tired, etc) SPICE would still be necessary. It is the person with whom you want to have intercourse with, and it is the person who is formed by the spiritual, physical, intellectual, creative/communicative, and the emotional. SPICE is an essential component in using the Creighton Model System, which helps you to recognize yourself and the other. The Creighton Model System helps couples, and single women as well, recognize the beauty of their entire person.

I think the tendency when we discuss creativity is to immediately jump to the conclusion that "I'm not artsy, therefore I cannot be creative." Creativity, however, goes far beyond your ability to match colors and paint a beautiful picture (though it certainly entails that, too). Creativity allows you to partake in something beyond yourself, or to partake in what already exists.

Let me give you some examples:

-planting a garden and continuing to cultivate it

-organizing your house

-painting or making a canvas together

-board games

-picking out decorations for your house

-listening to your favorite music

-creating a collaborative playlist that makes you think of a friend or spouse

-involving your spouse or friends on inside jokes or conversations with others

-playing an instrument

Creativity is not bound to the confines of a blog post. Be thoughtful and "creative" in your attempt to add more creativity to your life!

One of our practitioners plays a game at their house (involving the whole family) which I will often play with them. It goes something to the effect of "I'm thinking of an animal between a mouse and a lion." To which all others have to guess what the person is thinking of. Lest you decide to have them guess between a hyena and a giraffe, with a kangaroo in mind, this game is quite fun and very hilarious (even though no one guessed a kangaroo, it still brought a lot of fun and laughter).

Think of things that are fun to you, and how you can cultivate creativity, and beauty, into your life. This will help your entire person, which encompasses our sexuality!

For more ideas or how to incorporate this into your life, please don't hesitate to reach out to any of our Practitioners and interns!

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