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At-home date night inspiration

We have talked about the important of SPICE, all the different forms of intimacy. Intimacy and connection can be as simple as a hug or a note slipped into a lunch box or work bag or as complicated as a fancy dinner out. Speaking of date nights, they can be really expensive! Factor in babysitting costs if you have kids, and the total cost is up even higher. But date nights don't have to be fancy, and they don't have to be at night. If you have children that nap, you can have a date afternoon. If you happen to wake up before your kids, a coffee shared together in the quiet at the kitchen table can feel romantic. Feel free to get creative. I am a big fan of at-home dates. Come up with a list of ideas with your spouse. Then you'll have a list to draw from when you have a date night. No more debating over what to do when you have some alone time. To get you started, here are 5 at-home date night ideas:

  1. At home movie night: This is one of my favorites. If you don't pay for streaming services, you can check out a DVD from your local library. Some libraries even have digital options, but I like the nostalgic experience of going to the library and checking something out. My husband is the master of the whirley pop, so we like to enjoy some homemade popcorn or kettle corn. Swing by the dollar store for a couple of boxes of candy, and you have a full movie experience. Lord of the Rings is a perfectly acceptable movie choice, even if you have seen it a million times before.

  2. Charcuterie date night: My husband and I loved this one. We went to Aldi, and each picked out our own type of cheese as well as an assorted meats tray. Add in some wine, hard cider, kombucha, or other beverage of choice, and you've got yourself a fancy date night for a fraction of the price. You can get fancy with the arrangement, or keep it simple. I personally enjoying eating it more than arranging it.

  3. Read aloud date night: Choose a book to take turns reading aloud. This one is on my "t0 try" list. I'm eyeing the Chronicles of Narnia as my series of choice. It is nice to unplug and lose the technology for a night. This can be a great way to share your favorite books with your spouse.

  4. Walk down memory lane: Look through photographs together. This can be anything from childhood photo albums to pictures from your time dating to pictures of your kids. Print pictures as well as digital photos work. I've been wanting to order some photo books, and this can be a way of picking out photos for one of those types of projects.

  5. Dance date night: Put on some music and dance. For added fun, you can find some dance tutorials on YouTube, and learn a new dance together. If that's not your jam, a freestyle dance party is totally acceptable.

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