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Do I have to??

So you're finally ready to learn a method to learn more about your fertility. You're excited and also nervous. You finally receive all of the information from your Creighton Practitioner-what?!? You mean I can't just learn this method from a single session??

Above we have an iteration that I've heard not less than a handful of times being a practitioner. I get it. The excitement over finally deciding to learn, finally picking a method, only to learn that the other side of charting isn't what you expected. Feeling letdown, discouraged, struggling with infertility and simply wanting answers now, or like you're REALLY behind schedule because you waited a couple months before your wedding to learn a method are feelings that can begin to sink in.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Creighton Model System begins with an introductory session that is standardized. Any town, any city, any state with CRMS introduction will be the same. Afterwards begins the fun (and sometimes the pain). This is where you actually begin charting, learning about your body and mucus pattern, and when your trained FertilityCare Practitioner walks you through how to understand your personal, unique chart, with any nuances (and perhaps abnormalities). The Creighton Model System also builds on itself; so especially those married couples using the method to achieve or avoid a pregnancy will want to know how instructions for intercourse advance.

Before you let disparagement settle in, though, let me assure you-even though charting and learning a new method may take more time, energy, patience, etc than you were originally hoping for, the end goal is still the same as the one you originally had in mind. You WILL learn about your fertility, you WILL gain confidence in the method, and most importantly, you'll learn about yourself and potentially your spouse in ways that you never thought imaginable. The "other side of charting" will likely be more than you hoped for, and you'll be glad that you came to your scheduled follow up sessions. And, if you waited until right before your wedding to learn-it's never too late! I have crash coursed couples on how to use this method 1 or 2 months before their wedding-and they are using the method the way that they hoped.

So when you're tempted to complain about your next follow up session, recognize the difficulty in scheduling and prioritizing that time, and also realize that your goal lies on the other side of learning this method. Reach out to any of our practitioners to schedule your follow up today.

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