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All the Single Ladies

Updated: Feb 28

Queue Beyonce...

Maybe you've heard about charting before, or maybe you've thought "oh, learning about my cycles before I'm married probably sounds like something I should do." Or, maybe every time you hear "All the single ladies" played at a wedding you roll your eyes as the DJ calls all of the single women up to dance (I know that I do at least).

Whether you're as single as the leaves remaining on the tress in this lovely fall before the brink of winter, or you're in a relationship that is marriage-worthy it's always a good idea to consider your fertility: what do you know about your cycles and how that impacts your mood? Or why pasta and ice cream seem like the only dinner options at certain times of the month (besides it tasting good)?

Charting with Creighton will help you to unpack a world and understand your life in a way you didn't know existed. Those cravings have a reason to them (and may be fixable with a NaPro doctor's help). Your hormones do change and fluctuate throughout your cycle, which you can chart through cervical mucus. It may seem strange and funny at first, but once you learn what exactly it is that you're supposed to do, it helps build confidence in knowing about your body.

You've heard of "me time" and "getting to know myself better." What if we also took that time to learn more about our bodies, how our cycles work, and how God created us to be? What if "treat yourself" looked like signing up for an Introductory Session with one of our Creighton Practitioners to learn more about yourself (and of course can be followed up with a Pumpkin Spice latte). Getting to know the uniqueness of your own body, and learning about your fertility helps understand how you were created as a woman, and give you insight on your femininity.

One thing I've heard from almost all of my married clients who are just starting to chart is "I wish I had known/done this sooner." Let that be advice to you!

I've also heard reservations about charting when you're single. Sure, can it be difficult to track your cycle some days if you're feeling lonely and you're single? Absolutely. Every woman who I have taught, however, has always come away with a positive experience. It can be very empowering and fulfilling to know what your body is capable of, in being oriented towards like. And even when miscarriage and infertility enter the picture, there is still hope to be found.

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