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Clients tell-all

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

We haven't interviewed a client on our blog since last summer and we thought it was time again to check in with some real-life Creighton Model users and ask them about their experience using CrMS.

I had the privilege of asking 2 long-time clients of mine about their experience and feedback. Both of these wonderful women have been charting for nearly 5 years. They started using CrMS before marriage and have navigated health challenges, NaPro interventions, babies, miscarriages, postpartum, long periods of abstinence and more.

What has been the best part of your experience with FertilityCare?

"The best thing about Creighton is the knowledge I’ve gained about my body and fertility. In order to use the method you really have to appreciate and understand your body. "

"Being in tune with my body and cycles."

Yes! We are all about empowering women!

What has been the most challenging part of your experience with FertilityCare?

"Remembering to chart after a long day, and even more difficult when I have to try to remember observations the next day if we forgot to chart the night prior."

"In my experience the hardest part of the method is keeping yourself accountable. It would be easier to skip a day or observation but you can’t do that and have an accurate chart."

I agree. Long-term it can be tough to stay "on" it, especially in the ups and downs of life. But automating your process as part of your daily habits does help.

Has having a CrMS practitioner been valuable to you?

"Having a practitioner was so so helpful."

"Definitely couldn’t do it without a practitioner! The learning process was so easy having Karoline to educate us and support us. It is so nice having someone to ask questions or follow up sessions to get us back on track if we get lazy with charting."

What have you and your husband done to incorporate SPICE principals into your marriage?

"We try to do a lot of activities together even if we are working on separate things as it allows us to feel closer to each other as we work towards a common goal. We take time to connect each night by going to bed at the same time and talking about our day. We have both become better at loving through service, finding ways to serve each other to help I ease each other’s load. We communicate much better and are more connected every day!"

We love to hear this!

What would you say to someone considering Creighton for family planning or health reasons?

"It may be scary in the beginning but it is so worth it! Creighton has been so empowering and is absolutely effective. I have used Creighton to avoid pregnancy since we had our first daughter, and used Creighton to successfully achieve pregnancy for our second baby!"

"I had several medical reasons to avoid pregnancy for a time after my husband and I were married. Much to the shock of others, the method WORKED. It gave me peace of mind while I navigated medical issues but also allowed us to achieve pregnancy almost immediately once the issues were resolved. Creighton works."

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