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What is it like to use the Creighton Model System? From a Clients Perspective

Updated: Feb 28

When learning about the Creighton Model System you probably hear what it's all about from a Practitioner or a doctor. Although those sources are definitely very helpful and give great information. Why not hear what it's like to use the system from a woman who uses the system and her experience? Everyone's experience is different with the CrMS. Each woman or couple comes into the method in a different situation and season of life.

In deciding who to interview for this post, I knew I wanted to talk to someone who would be real and honest with how the CrMS has worked in her and her husband's lives. You don't need a crazy difficult fertility or health situation to learn about the ups and downs of using the CrMS. Every day women and couples use the system. There is so much to be learned by listening to someone's experience.

Introducing Mary Bridget Franey...

Mary Bridget, tell us a little bit about yourself:

Hey there, I'm Mary Bridget! I'm originally from California. I am one of six kids. I moved to Kansas for college, where I met my husband. We have settled in Kansas City, Kansas (where he's from). We've been married almost three years with one kiddo so far!

What drew you to NFP, specifically the Creighton Model?:

I was raised in a Catholic family and was taught that contraception was against the faith, but I really embraced that teaching in high school. I realized through a very basic intro to NFP (and later Creighton Model specifically) there was so much more to a woman's fertility and oral birth control wasn't really "control" at all. It interferes with your cycle, treating fertility like a problem, and masks underlying issues, it is often prescribed to "treat". What really drew me to using the Creighton Model System was the more complete understanding of my personal fertility, the knowledge to identify problems before we encountered difficulties with infertility, and the empowerment that comes with accepting myself as a woman and understanding my body.

That's awesome! Thank you for sharing with us.

Have you faced any challenges in using the CrMs?:

The initial learning curve was a bit tough. I wish I had known what I didn't know sooner, so I could have started learning before I got married. I think it would have made me more confident in our abilities to understand our fertility earlier in our marriage.

The initial learning curve is definitely a thing, but I am really glad you stuck with it.

What has been the most rewarding part of using the CrMs?:

On the flip side, understanding my fertility so fully with the CrMs has been extremely rewarding - knowing that we have the ability to make informed decisions about our family planning, I can recognize changes in my fertility month-to-month, and know where we stand day-to-day.

What is your hope for your future, using the CrMs?:

I hope that we can continue to discuss our hopes for our family and use Creighton to get pregnant and avoid pregnancy as we continue to grow our family, and as I continue to monitor my own health through my charting.

I hope Mary Bridget's experience answers some of your questions when it comes to using the CrMS in your everyday life. Knowing someone's story and the highs and lows they may have encountered can be extremely helpful in choosing to use the method. If you ever want to know more or have any questions you can always set up an inquiry call with one of our practitioners. We are here to assist you in every aspect of your gynecological journey!

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