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What is it like to learn Creighton?

We've talked a lot about different aspects of charting, when to start charting, what to do if you see an unexpected pattern in your chart, and why charting as a single woman is beneficial. But what does the process of learning to chart actually look like? What happens during follow ups? Let's go back to the basics to explore the process of learning the Creighton Model System.

The first step in learning the system is attending an Introductory Session. This hour long presentation covers the basics of anatomy and physiology (as it applies to using the system) and the basics of using the system. We also discuss the effectiveness of using the system to either avoid or achieve pregnancy. There is an opportunity to ask any questions you may have at the end. Introductory sessions can be virtual or in person, in a group or individual setting. Our upcoming group sessions are posted on our Facebook page. You can contact one of our practitioners to set up an individual introductory session. If you are engaged or married, your fiancé or husband is more than welcome to attend. It may seem like an overwhelming amount of information at first. That's ok! Most women haven't learned much about their whole cycles. They mainly know about their periods. You will have help in taking in this new information. The introductory booklet you'll receive as part of your initial materials will review this information. Your practitioner will also support your learning process and go over the specifics of observations and charting during follow ups.

There is no obligation to learn the system if you attend an introductory session. You can decide at the end (or take some time to think) if you want to learn the system. If you decide to learn the system, your practitioner will give (or mail) you the initial materials. This includes your chart, a pack of stamps, the introductory booklet, and possibly the student Picture Dictionary. You'll start charting right away and will have your first follow up in 2 weeks.

What is a follow up? In this individualized sessions, you will learn the system. If you're engaged or married, we encourage your fiancé or husband to attend follow ups. Then both the man and woman will have full knowledge of the system and can use it together. I encourage the man to do the recording on the chart and to participate in follow ups by answering questions and engaging in discussion. Follow up sessions are customized to you, your chart, and your individual circumstances. There are generally 8 follow ups in the first year. Sometimes more are needed. After the first year, long term follow ups are every 6-12 months. It's important to check in to see how observations and charting are going. If something changes, you should contact your practitioner. If you become pregnant, your practitioner will schedule a pregnancy evaluation with you. The general follow up schedule is outlined below. Changes are necessary is some cases.

What happens at a follow up? Each follow up is a little different. They can vary based on an individual client's needs. There are also different things covered at different follow ups. I've outlined the general areas that we go over in follow ups below.

If you are interested in learning the Creighton Model System, contact one of our practitioners to get started today!

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