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Confidence in charting.

Updated: Feb 28

But what if I don't get this right?!

A question commonly asked among Creighton clients, especially as they are learning a new method is: "what if I don't get this right?!" Or, phrased differently "I didn't put x down because I wasn't sure it was right."

Confidence. This is what we try to relay to our clients.

Is there a learning curve with learning this method? Yes, with the Creighton Model System you will learn a new observational routine (which will be observed throughout your day) and build an extra 30 seconds into your day with the routine. But, does it have to be perfect? The answer is no.

When my parents used to tell me that "practice makes perfect" I used to throw my hands in the air in frustration, not really understanding how to make sense of it. Similarly, I know that there can be frustration learning anything new, and learning to chart can have its frustrations. So, sure, practice can make perfect, but what if you're not sure where to begin?

  1. This method has an entire booklet dedicated to helping you understand your cycle better

  2. You have the option to purchase a Picture dictionary-which gives you real pictures to help decipher your observations with.

  3. You have a Creighton Practitioner who is trained to look for common errors with charting. Some examples include over reading lubrication, not doing the observational routine correctly, or clear observations not being crystal clear in actuality. Whatever it may be, your Creighton Practitioner is trained to help you. Confidently make mistakes! We're here to help you along the way and are able to identify patterns in charting mistakes.

  4. Everything is qualifiable and quantifiable. There are exact qualifications and quantifications to your observations (which we will teach you, and help you with)and helps put women at east with charting.

Yes, there will learning. Don't hesitate though! Always feel free to ask questions. That's what your practitioner is there for!

Don't be afraid to put stamps on your chart, even if you're not 110% sure that you got it right. You do not have to have intercourse on every day that you believe to be fertile or infertile. And the time you sacrifice, especially in the beginning, will help you to have confidence in both your observations and the method, which you can use throughout every reproductive stage.

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