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Empowering Women Worldwide: Celebrating FertilityCare Awareness Week with the Benefits of Fertility Care Awareness Methods and the Creighton Model Fertility Care Method

Worldwide FertilityCare Awareness Week is a time to celebrate and showcase the transformative benefits of fertility care awareness methods, including the renowned Creighton Model FertilityCare Method. In this blog post, we'll explore the significance of this annual event and delve into the myriad advantages of adopting a fertility care awareness approach to reproductive health. From empowering women to promoting holistic wellness, let's shine a spotlight on the remarkable impact of these methods.

Understanding FertilityCare Awareness: A Holistic Approach to Reproductive Health

FertilityCare Awareness is not natural birth control, let me be clear on this very common misconception. FertilityCare Awareness or Natural Family planning uses specific methods or systems to help women identify when they are fertile and when they are not fertile, as well as gauging their over all gynocological health. The reason these methods are NOT considered natural birth control is because a big part of their use is to help couples get pregnant. When you are using such a method you begin to truly understand what is happening with not only your fertility, but your overall health. To have the knowledge you gain by observing your biomarkers (your fertile symptoms) is truly empowering. You yourself can come to a place of understanding exactly what your body is doing and not doing. Worldwide FertilityCare Awareness Week is used as a platform for raising awareness and celebrating the positive impact of these methods on individuals and communities worldwide. Using one of these methods is not just for religious communities, although they are popular, anyone can use a method of fertility awareness. Each method is meant to be a tool for women and couples to help them in their discernment of starting or building their family further. What a wonderful gift to have such things like, the Creighton Model FertilityCare, to help women and couples in the discernment of their families.

Exploring the Creighton Model Fertility Care Method: Precision, Effectiveness, and Empowerment

I know we have talked a lot about what the Creighton Model Method is (because it is the method our center teaches), but I think in light of being Worldwide FertilityCare Awareness Week, we should touch base one more time. I tell all my clients each method was created by someone in the medical field, but the CrMS took it a step further and created a new reproductive science to work along side with the method. By tracking your biomarkers (cervical mucus) you are able to determine from day to day what exactly is going on with your fertility. Not only does the system help couples achieve or avoid, it helps women understand exactly what is going on with their over all health. By being able to identify things such as PCOS, thyroid issues, hormonal problems, or even understand why your cycle is the length it is, we then can treat other symptoms that may be part of the gynocological issues. This method has been around since 1980 but there are so little people who not only know about the system, but understand it is much more than the rhythm method. If you look at the effectiveness measures of the Creighton Model to achieve or avoid pregnancy, you can see the system has outstanding effectiveness measures. No method is 100% not even birth control or other contraceptives. But with the CrMS you at least know what is happening to your body on any given day.

Empowering Women and Couples: The Life-Changing Benefits of Fertility Care Awareness Methods

We live in a world where Women's Health is totally misdefined and misunderstood. The information women are given on a daily basis about their bodies, especially their reproductive systems, has no basis in promoting body literacy to fostering informed decision-making. Sorry...not sorry, this is the truth. On a daily basis women are not given the full truth on not only what is happening with their bodies, but also what their bodies need and are capable of. Don't believe me? Ask your OB/GYN if you should look into progesterone support in early pregnancy. I do not mean to combative in saying that and I have worked with some amazing OB/GYNs who are not trained with the CrMs, but that is the thing they just do not know. In working with a doctor who is trained in NaProtechnology (science behind the Creighton Model) you are getting a certain care which promotes holistic wellness, addresses reproductive health concerns, and enhances overall quality of life.

Raising Awareness and Promoting Education: Engaging Communities in the Fertility Care Movement

If you are some who already use a fertility awareness based method, tell people about it. Word of mouth is powerful and your experience (whether it be negative or positive, we hope it's positive) is an excellent tool to raise awareness. If your church has little to no information about Natural Family Planning or Fertility Awareness maybe volunteer to get the information out there. Contact your pastor or the person in charge of Marriage Preparation and ask them about their NFP materials they offer engaged couples. There are so many resources out there to help you promote fertility awareness:

  • This organization helps couples as well as clergy with marriage preparation resources, including understanding the beauty and importance of bringing Natural Family Planning into your relationship.

  • The diocese of Lansing gives a great overview of what Natural Family Planning is, an beautiful breakdown of Theology of the Body, and dives right into all the methods of NFP and who to get in contact to find out more. If your diocese does not have these resources try to use Lansings NFP page as an example on how to get started in making this information available to your area.

  • If you are looking for materials to bring to your church, this is a great place to go. They brochures and booklets you can order to display at your parish. On their website you can see frequently asked questions about NFP as well as a great deal of websites promoting NFP. This is a great resource for those who want to learn more and bring information to others.

  • Witness to Love is a virtues-based, Catechumenate model of marriage renewal and preparation that integrates modern principles of psychology and the virtues to help couples facilitate an authentic dialogue about their relationship. A lot parishes will use this program for Marriage Preparation and they have a great Fertility Awareness portion to their website.

  • Of course if you are looking into learning about a specific model, our center is a great resource to learn about the Creighton Model FertilityCare System. We are Groesbeck FertilityCare Center, Mid Michigan's leading CrMS Fertility Care Center. Our highly qualified staff is available for in-person consultations in select counties, or nationwide through virtual consultations. We are here to help you become empowered in understand your natural cycle.

These are just a few resources out there. If you are wondering how to get started in understanding FertilityCare Awareness these are a great place to start. But do your research in what exactly FertilityCare Awareness is and what method would work best for you. Knowledge is power, share your knowledge with others and help make NFP a staple in the medical community.

As we celebrate Worldwide FertilityCare Awareness Week, let's honor the transformative power of fertility care awareness methods, including the Creighton Model Fertility Care Method, in empowering individuals and couples worldwide. By embracing these holistic approaches to reproductive health, we can foster a culture of empowerment, well-being, and informed decision-making for generations to come. Together, let's continue to raise awareness, promote education, and advocate for the rights of all individuals to access comprehensive and empowering reproductive care.

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