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Getting the most out of your FertilityCare experience

Whether you're new to Creighton Model or an old pro, using this method of understanding your body is an investment of your time, energy, money and patience. We want you to get the most out of that investment and I'm sure you do too!

Here are six ways to help you do that:


Within the context of your follow up sessions, there are few things (if any) that are "too personal". Many aspects of your life effect your use of Creighton Model - your eating and drinking habits, your daily routines, your sleep, your relationship with your husband, your communication style. We can help you navigate any obstacle or scenario - but only if we know about it! Also, be honest and forthcoming when discussing your observations, your charting habits, the days you used for intercourse, your spouse's involvement with the system - all the things! I know as a recovering perfectionist, I always want the perfect "score" and to at least have the appearance of having done all my observations perfectly. But if you're forgetting or feeling complacent or even just fed up with a particular part of your observations and charting - let's talk about it! I'm willing to bet we can find a solution together.

Come prepared

Follow up sessions are 30-60 minutes long. That time often flies by! Make the best use of your time by having everything you need in front of you - your chart, stamps, red pen, medication and vitamin lists, notes from doctor appointments. Send your practitioner your chart ahead of time if possible. This gives us the opportunity to have it downloaded and ready for review. If you have questions you know you want to address in follow up, it can be helpful to send them over ahead of time as well.

Be open

Sometimes your practitioner may suggest an outside-the-box idea for something. Keeping a food journal, tracking your water intake, doing a communication exercise with your husband, reading a particular book or trying a vitamin protocol. Complex problems often require creative solutions. Be as willing as possible to give something a try, at least until your next follow up, to see how it could work for you!


I know we've written about this again and again but I don't think too much emphasis can be placed on it - having your spouse on board with your use of Creighton Model is key to success! Your chance of frustration, dissatisfaction, and not meeting your family planning goals is much higher if you're going it alone. If this is a an area of difficulty for you - bring it up to your practitioner. It may be a matter of giving your husband an opportunity to meet with us and ask honest and challenging questions. Or it may be a deeper issue and perhaps a referral to a solid counselor could be of help.

Be proactive

Overcoming inertia is one of the hardest parts of making any change. For a busy mom, or someone struggling with depression, or feeling overwhelmed by infertility, the simple act of making a doctor's appointment can feel insurmountable at times. Between follow ups, do your best to implement changes or actions recommended by your practitioner as soon as possible. Send that email, make that doctor appointment, order that supplement off of Amazon. So often, these things take less time than we think they will. Remember that you deserve to be well. Don't feel guilty about taking the time to make that a reality.

Utilize your practitioner

Lastly, your practitioner is here to be not only a knowledgeable resource but your biggest cheerleader! Let us help you by providing motivation and encouragement. If you're in a rough patch with your observations and charting, sometimes a quick follow up is just what you need to get you back on track. If you're feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, send us an email and set up a time to meet! We want to be here for you in the ways that you need.

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