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NFP Myth Busting

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

I hear quite a few myths about NFP, and as a practitioner intern, I want to counter these myths and provide accurate information about NFP and the Creighton Model in particular. So let's get started!

"NFP, so you're using the rhythm method?"

The rhythm method is a type of natural family planning, but it's not a nearly as effective as modern methods of Natural Family Planning, such as Creighton, the Marquette Method, the Billings Ovulation Method, etc. Why? The rhythm method is based off of a standard 28 day cycle, which very few women have. And even if a woman has some 28 day cycles, it is normal for there to be variation from cycle to cycle. The number of days after ovulation stays pretty stable for a particular woman, but it is very normal for there to be variation in the number of days before ovulation. With the Creighton Model, we're not basing the fertility of the day off of a calendar or what we saw the last cycle. We look at the fertility of each day as it comes. We're not trying to predict fertility. We have instructions on what days are and are not fertile based on res

earch. The instructions are tailored to each couple according to where they are in the learning process and their reproductive category.

"NFP is only for trying to avoid pregnancy."

Nope! Charting helps couples identify which days they are and are not fertile. Our goal as practitioners is to give clients the knowledge and confidence to identify days of fertility and infertility, so couples can use the Creighton Model is avoid or achieve pregnancy according to their intentions. It is the couple's job to discern how they will use the method at that time and to follow their instruc

tions accordingly. The Creighton Model is a good method for couples struggling with infertility, since they can work with specially trained medical professionals (NaPro medical consultants) to help them successfully achieve a pregnancy.

"Well, that day isn't that fertile."

There's no such thing as a little bit fertile. The educator who ran the training I attended said there's no such thing as a little bit pregnant. It's a bit of a cheeky response, but it's true. If a couple is seriously avoiding pregnancy, they need to avoid all days that are identified as fertile by the method of NFP that they're using.

If you have any questions about N

FP, charting, or the Creighton Model, please reach out to us! We love sharing our knowledge with our clients and answering questions.

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