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SPICE: Holiday Edition

I'm really excited about all the holiday-related posts we have so far about double peaks, self gift, and charting while traveling. In the midst of the holiday season, which can be both enjoyable and busy, I want you to remember to priotize connection with your spouse. That's right, SPICE. SPICE stands for spiritual, physical, intellectual, creative/communication, and emotional. These are all types of intimacy and ways that you can connect to your spouse. In the midst of any busy season, it's important to protect time with your spouse. These moments of connection can be small. I find in busy seasons I forget to hug or kiss my husband every day. Just making sure to hug him and give him a kiss when he gets home can make a big difference. A check-in after work, before bed, or at breakfast can be a great way to make sure that you are communicating how you're doing and what you need when life gets crazy. Make sure each person gets equal time to share uninterrupted.

Make sure to find time for longer times to connect as well. It's important to remember just because you're doing things near each other doesn't mean that you're doing things together. Schedule some quality time. Put it in the calendar, set an alarm on your phone, whatever it takes to protect that time. What you choose to do during this time will depend on what is relaxing and recharging for both of you.

When visiting family, set some time aside for connection. It's important to remember that the spouse who is not related to the family you are visiting is likely not being filled in the same way as the spouse whose family it is. Make sure to check in regularly to make sure you're both doing ok. Visiting family can be lovely, but it can also bring stress and drama. I like taking a walk, watching a show before bed, or chatting before we fall asleep while we are visiting family. This small amount of "just us" time makes the whole visit go smoother and ensures that we are less frazzled and have less to process at the end of the trip.

We wish you a joyful and peace-filled Christmas from all of us at Groesbeck FertilityCare Center.

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